Drive better solutions with our Innovative Workspace

  • “Academics help us innovate solutions to complex issues”

    Pierre-Henri Delaage
    Medical Doctory, INSEAD MBA, pharma and investment in healthcare, AbbVie, Paris area
  • “Access to academics and researchers worldwide is vital
    to care for our patients.”

    Elie Azria
    Gynaecologist and obstetrician, Hospital Paris St Joseph,
    Faculty of Medecine, University Paris 7,
    Researcher in epidemiology at INSERM.
  • “As an academic consultant, I can impact future scientific developments
    for the good of society in the public and private sectors.”

    Ben Smyth
    PhD, Senior Researcher, IT security.

Identify your specialist areas where questions arise

Which specialist areas is your team working in where questions & issues come up that need to be discussed & developed there and then – & where well-informed solutions are needed?


Select Academics to be on call

Briiij works with you to select academic(s) from top universities, who will be on call for you.
They are reactive, engaged, and well-connected.


Discuss issues, generate solutions

Discuss issues and develop solutions in a vibrant digital workspace with your selected academic(s) benefiting from multiple inputs & diverse perspectives. Ground your processes, decisions, and solutions in the latest research.

Your organization needs a research-rich workspace in which to develop solutions

Briiij works with you to select and retain academics from top universities for fast responses to questions and to inform solutions .

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