Research papers that can increase organizational impact #1: Telehealthcare

The latest academic research can increase telehealthcare product quality and sales.

Telehealthcare devices help people to stay home rather than go into institutional care. Examples include fall detectors, bodily monitoring devices, and pill dispensers.

A 2017 peer-reviewed research paper has found that “few” telehealthcare devices are user-friendly, with a “user-centred design”. Users did not know how to operate a lot of devices at first glance, because “many were non-intuitive to use”. Rather than talking to doctors and carers, manufacturers would do well to test the products with their end-users: the patients themselves. The authors also found that users were largely unaware of the range of products on the market, and that professionals were reticent to recommend the devices and were not able adequately to demonstrate their use.

If your organization is in the telehealthcare market, you might like to talk to academics knowledgeable in this area, such as the authors of the study.

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