Academics / Researchers / PhD Students

Receive an invitation

1. Receive an invitation

Briiij will send you an invitation to talk to a Client about advisory work in your area of expertise.

2. Reply

Reply to the invitation via Briiij and Briiij will in turn notify the Client.

The Client will then contact you directly.

Briiij will be present to clarify salient issues.

3. Accept

You will negotiate a service fee (or pro-bono arrangement) with the Client.
Briiij will be available to clarify any issues arising.
Briiij empowers you to work directly as an advisor to Businesses, Governments, and NGOs.

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What is Briiij – in a nutshell – for Academics / Researchers / PhD students?

Briiij can bring value to both Academics and organizations via a platform that allows spontaneous discussion and sharing of information. This agile, spontaneous discussion possibility, involving a variety of perspectives on an issue, is a first in the area of university – private/public sector connectivity, and an approach we think will enrich the knowledge-generation process on all sides. The platform will contain a “bench” of academics in each area of inquiry relevant to the organization’s research and development. The organization will use the platform to support numerous discussions as they develop their projects, which will lead to research opportunities and work for university faculties and their academics. This context, called the Briiij Innovative Workspace Sandpit, is a vibrant online discussion area in which academics and their department can also showcase – via posting or webinar – publications and initiatives that might be of interest to the organization, as well as suggest other academics and work that might be of value.

With Briiij you can do the following:
– work with Businesses, Governments, and NGOs from around the world;
– contribute to well-founded innovation;
– focus on specific issues that will decide our future.

How does Briiij work for Academics?

1. Briiij invites you to consider joining a group of Academics that participates in discussions with, and provides ongoing advice to, an organization’s development team;
2. Meet the organization and be confirmed as a member of the Academic group;
3. Respond to the organization’s questions, participate in discussions, and be remunerated for time spent.

What might an organization ask an Academic to do?

An organization might ask an Academic to do the following:
– Be reactive when you ask a question on the Briiij Innovative Workspace Sandpit;
– Provide a more substantial response to the question, supported by research;
– Identify problems that you might not have seen;
– Work with another team or teams within the organization to solve a problem;
– Recommend more effective and efficient methods;
– Provide a fresh, well-informed viewpoint;
– Teach relevant new knowledge and skills;
– Suggest new ideas to invigorate the organization;
– Suggest academic colleagues worldwide who could complement his/her work in the organization.

How much should a member of an Academic group charge?

As a member of an Academic group, you can charge a fee or work pro bono. If you charge a fee, there is no limit. We suggest that you charge the organization at a rate that you think to be fair, considering both your experience and the work you are doing.
You might like to take the following into consideration:
– The complexity of the work to be done;
– The duration of the work to be done;
– The rarity of the specialization that you can offer;
– Your experience in the field;
– Your academic position;
– Your publication record;
– Your university’s ranking;
– Your educational experience;
– Your experience working with organizations outside of your research institution.

How can we at Briiij support you?

We would like your experience with Briiij to be exemplary; we offer you our support and will carefully consider your feedback.
Our work consists both of sourcing organizations for you to work with, and organizing this experience so that you and the organization maintain a good working relationship.
Here is what we offer academics currently; please let us know what more we can do:
1. We source, and offer you the possibility to work with, an organization which would like the highest quality advice from a thoughtful, experienced, and highly-qualified expert, or group of experts;
2. We help you to establish your fee with the organization;
3. We discuss with you any feedback from the organization that concerns you;
4. We can mediate if you have any issues during your work with an organization;
5. We can help you to customize methodologies for working with people, such as leading innovation programs;
6. Anything else? Let us know how we can support you.

Can I be a physicist and a member of an Academic group at the same time?

As a scientist and Academic, the Briiij Innovative Workspace Sandpit offers you an opportunity to respond to organizations who need your expertise to develop their initiatives, and to see what the points of focus are beyond academia.