Bring your issues to life! 7 Reasons to work with an Academic Consultant

"Why settle for the Top 10 hits on a search engine when I can work with an Academic Consultant?"

  1. Obtain skills and expertise that can bring value to your company in over 600 knowledge areas;
  2. Bring your issues to life: identify the scope of problems and generate solutions with expert knowledge from a fresh perspective;
  3. Supplement your internal staff by hiring an Academic consultant for specific missions;
  4. Bring about change with the help of an Academic consultant to achieve buy-in and adjust the corporate culture;
  5. An Academic can keep your people abreast of important advances and developments in your area of work;
  6. An Academic is an idea-starter and innovative thinker; they can help a company re-orientate or re-invent itself;
  7. If you want to make high quality business decisions and innovations, then access the best quality knowledge.
About the author

Bill has a PhD in Education in Autonomy/Empowerment and is on the casual teaching staff at Macquarie University in Sydney. He has been a partner in businesses focused on developing innovation in organizations since 2003.