How to move from brainstorming to innovation?

Brainstorming is just the beginning of useful idea generation. Noting down the first thing that comes into our heads can provide some pertinent points for development, but these notions need to be explored for their potential value.
The best ideas need to be supported by sound sources of information and extended and validated through the constructive criticism of colleagues.
Discussions with academics in the Briiij Sandpit Innovative Workspace can make sure that the highest quality of information informs the idea-development process. Academics have access to the latest information in journals, reports, and books, have travelled to conferences, and are trained in asking the right questions to develop the scope of thinking, to transform an idea into a useful innovation.


Generate sound ideas based on scientific research: Research – Reporting back – Extension  

  1. Generate a question, such as, “How can we improve productivity in our textile factories?”
  2. Time out (a day, a week) so that your team can research an answer to the question using knowledge resources
  3. Round table, Strength, Insight, and Strategy (SIS) session:
    1. Groups of 4, including the Academic Advisor from Briiij
    2. Person 1 gives his/her opinion on the question
    3. Persons 2,3,4 interrogate him/her constructively for 5 minutes, getting him/her to think critically about his/her opinion and pushing him/her to extend the boundaries of his/her thinking
    4. Note taking for 1 minute
  4. Repeat for Person 2, etc.
  5. Repeat 1-4 to respond to the next logical question.
About the author

Bill has a PhD in Education in Autonomy/Empowerment and is on the casual teaching staff at Macquarie University in Sydney. He has been a partner in businesses focused on developing innovation in organizations since 2003.