If you could choose any expert, which one?

If you could choose any expert, which one would you work with?

If you could choose anyone in the world to work with on an issue that affects your organization or institution, whom would you work with? This person might be a scientist, best-selling guru, management consultant, or industry leader whom you admire. However, to understand all that is happening at the cutting edge of their fields, intellectually and practically, each of these experts needs the following resource: academic thinking and methods. Why? Because they can trust the products of academic inquiry: peer reviewed research and articles.

Academics lead thinking and research that you can trust

Academics drive a field forward by identifying areas that require understanding and then undertaking research, analysing data, conceptualizing findings, theorizing, and teaching the results. Most academics have a PhD qualification, which means that they have been trained in research and other scientific methods, and have a deep knowledge of their field supported by many publications.
Academics can inform responses to the challenges faced by organizations and institutions, saving them time and money, while ensuring that important decisions are founded upon the most nuanced understandings. The Times Higher Education blog (19 Sept 2013[1]), for example, points out that the “specialized knowledge of UK academics” could “improve the quality of advice” the UK government receives and “save [the government] a large amount of money.”

Find the right academic to talk to

Why not talk directly to an academic about your specific issue? Including an academic in your decision-making or process planning will increase the scientific quality of your operations and strategy. Briiij will find the right academic for your specific needs. Briiij will contact academics working and publishing in your specific area of interest, wherever they are in the world, so that they can brief your team, or work with your team. It is through person-to-person dialogue, as opposed to reading reports or papers, that a fine-tuned solution to your challenges can be found. An academic can brief you on the latest thinking and research in a specific area, or work with one of your teams. Briiij can also put together a group of academics to work on a specific business objective. The Briiij team has had experience in academia, business, and government. We provide a fast, efficient service to find you the right academic experts worldwide and will support you to ensure the best results.

About the author

Bill has a PhD in Education in Autonomy/Empowerment and is on the casual teaching staff at Macquarie University in Sydney. He has been a partner in businesses focused on developing innovation in organizations since 2003.