Myths about knowledge and innovation

Myth #10

One clear perspective is the best.

“Top managers need exposure to a variety of well-informed perspectives relevant to the specific context at hand before making a decision; how can I find the best, most nuanced perspectives in the field?”

Following best practices out of context is problematic. If you are basing your future development on copying what others have done, through consulting packages or fixes, or search-engine results; or on surrounding yourself with people who agree with you: if you are basing your future on ill-founded, non-contextualized assumptions, your organization will lose its originality and competitive edge.

With Briiij, you can bring to the table a variety of well-informed perspectives by talking to a highly experienced and qualified Academic who can present a diversity of world views, in order to focus, with your team, on generating solutions to your particular issue that have emerged from your specific context.

Only through inviting multiple perspectives, through having an Academic(s) in your team who has an awareness of the multiplicity of perspectives in the field, via their own research, research journals and/or conferences, will you optimize your organization’s potential to grow creatively, innovatively, and competitively.

About the author

Bill has a PhD in Education in Autonomy/Empowerment and is on the casual teaching staff at Macquarie University in Sydney. He has been a partner in businesses focused on developing innovation in organizations since 2003.