Briiij Sandpit Innovative Workspace

What is “innovative workspace”?

An agile workspace with academics

Build a sandpit interactive workspace with your selection of Academic experts to question, discuss, and work toward solutions throughout a project.

Interactions can occur online in real-time via videoconference, or asynchronously through messaging and posting.

Option: Briiij can facilitate online sandpit meetings, or face to face meetings where suitable locations and travel can be arranged. Briiij has developed collaborative methodologies for generating research-based solutions to important challenges.

See Q&A: How to move from brainstorming to innovation?


Fast responses to specific scientific questions

Input from a variety of Academics to inform decisions and develop solutions over time

Access to the latest research and your Academics’ global connectedness


Retain a selection of Academic experts to interact with in a Briiij Sandpit Workspace:

  • Get fast answers to your specific questions
  • Drive innovation based on informed perspectives
  • Access the latest thinking worldwide

Sandpit Related Services

Academics can also be asked to:

  • Report on the latest research
  • Participate in R&D teams
  • Lead R&D teams
  • Form a specialized R&D team of Academics