Base your decisions on scientific expertise: briefings, reports, and presentations

What do you get?

Expert focus

Engage an academic for insightful boardroom discussions, reports, and presentations. Academics are seasoned professionals, with 10 years’ PhD study, plus research, teaching, and publication experience. 

A grasp on research

Understand the latest science to inform your solutions. Making decisions based on cutting-edge research will bring new relevance to your products, processes and innovations, to give you the competitive edge. 

Sharp insights

An Academic will discuss, give a presentation, or provide a report on the latest research and salient issues in your strategic focus areas, leading the way to new insights and inspiration in your organization.

Nuanced advice

Specific and nuanced advice from an Academic on an issue will bring new understandings concerning scope, needs, relevant concepts, and planned actions. A scientific basis for decision-making enhances project relevance, impact, and outcomes.

An innovative team

Work with an Academic to brief, report to, or advise your people on the latest research and concepts in their focus area, in order to develop a knowledgeable and insightful  team that can develop competitive solutions. 

How does it work?

Negotiate and select

The Academic’s hourly rate / remuneration is negotiated between the Academic and the Client, and will depend on his or her publication record, research experience, academic position, etc., and any other factors that the Academic sees as relevant.

Build a relationship 

Meet with the Academic via video-conference or face to face. You will be able to brief the Academic on the project details and address relevant issues.

Commit, verify, pay

Briiij will charge as follows:
1/ a sourcing fee to find an Academic expert in your specific focus area; and
2/ a maintenance fee to ensure that the Academic is meeting your expectations.
The Client and the Academic will negotiate a service fee.

 What does Briiij do?

Advise on the right expert

Briiij will conduct a Scientific Needs Analysis (SNA) to identify your organization’s requirements for academic expertise, particularly in areas where you are exploring new possibilities, or that affect your competitiveness.

Find the right Academic(s)

Briiij will source an appropriate Academic (area of expertise, experience, soft skills) from the top learning and research institutions worldwide. We will contact Academics publishing in your focus area(s). 

Lift the barriers

Briiij will chair initial conversations between the Client and the Academic to clarify the work to be done, identify expected outcomes, and set a schedule.

Manage the relationship 

Briiij will supervise the relationship between the Academic and your people. We make nuanced adjustments to ensure that the Academic delivers the right kind of service at the right time, taking your evolving needs into account. 

Suggest a framework

Option: Briiij has developed efficient processes for  transforming academic expertise into benefits for organizations. Team members will integrate new insights, concepts, and research findings to produce innovative outcomes.