Vital questions you can’t ignore in today’s 5 top business discussions

What would be the benefits to your business if you were engaged with and developing solutions with the world’s leading academics and researchers in these fields?

Can you afford not to know?

This article looks at the five most important business discussions companies are having today and important questions that could arise in a well-informed decision-making process.

They are questions that Academics from relevant backgrounds might bring up for discussion, were they to be involved in generating solutions – questions of strategic importance.

Well-informed, research-enriched, evidence-based decisions will create competitive advantage and reduce your risk of failure. 

Talk to academics about important questions relevant to today’s top 5 discussions:

1/ Empowerment vs. command and control.

Q: Where does a capacity for empowerment need to reside? In the manager herself? In the subordinate? Both? How does empowerment work psychologically? Socially ? Culturally? Which personal qualities are needed in the manager and the subordinate for empowerment to succeed? How can you maintain a culture of empowerment over time?

2/ Culture and business strategy

Q: What is culture? Which assumptions are you making because of your own socio-cultural background that might restrict your thinking outside the box, or prevent you from seeing another profitable point of view? What kind of company culture will you need to develop in order to reach your strategic goals? Is your strategy linked to future trends in economics, environment, politics, society, and technology? What are the research-based underpinnings of your company strategy?

3/ Supply chain capabilities

How can you mobilize technology, management approaches, and product in order to adjust to discontinuities and increase resilience in the supply chain? What is the future of commodity / resource prices in the areas where you are sourcing raw materials? Which forces are influencing the manufacturing sector where your goods are made? Which new scientific developments could benefit your products? Which demographic and cultural trends could inform your distribution strategy? What does corporate social responsibility mean across cultural and geographic areas? How might geopolitics influence future regulations?

4/ Digital disruptions    

What is the future of disruptive technologies in your business sector, and what does their proliferation depend on? Where is the lab that’s doing the latest research in this area? What are the future directions of this technology? Which AI’s could you develop for your business? What might be the social, environmental, and financial consequences of your transition to Economy 4.0? 

5/ Customer loyalty

What does customer satisfaction mean across social / geographic / cultural sectors? What (changing?) place does commerce have in our democracy and how might this affect our customers / clients and their purchases of goods and service? What is the psychology / culture / sociology of loyalty, and what place does it have in our society? Who is the customer, as a social/psychological/cultural being? Which are the drivers behind fluctuations in customer loyalty in terms of politics, economics, society, psychology, and technology? Are there drivers affecting customer loyalty that we might be able to mobilize in our favour?

 The world’s best research

To develop competitive solutions, evidence-based decision making should draw upon the world’s best research. Generic management consulting methodologies do not provide the depth, integrity, and diversity that academic research provides. When this expertise, research, and knowledge is combined with focused dialogue, negotiation, and discussion it results in synergetic solution development.

The Briiij Rapid-Response Workspace with Academics

Briiij will work with you to select and retain one or a group of Academic experts to provide access to their research and engage in focused dialogue with you to inform your decisions and develop solutions. They will be on call for you, for fast responses to questions or ongoing discussions to drive better solutions.

Rapid-response discussions

With Briiij you will set up a rapid-response digital workspace. Here in this workspace, ongoing generative, research-enriched discussions can take place that result in solutions which are

  • synergetic;
  • well-founded; and
  • have an accelerated time to market.  

This vibrant, generative research-informed space can expand the bounds of possibility and produce solutions that are beyond what was originally thought to be achievable.

Make better decisions, from now on

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About the author

Bill has a PhD in Education in Autonomy/Empowerment and is on the casual teaching staff at Macquarie University in Sydney. He has been a partner in businesses focused on developing innovation in organizations since 2003.