Our Vision

An Equitable Knowledge Network, connecting Businesses, Governments, and NGOs to Academics the world over


There should be no barriers between our best-founded ideas and the processes of innovation – no barriers between Academics and Businesses, Governments, and NGOs, wherever they are on the planet. 

We need an Equitable Knowledge Network, connecting Businesses, Governments, and NGOs to Academics the world over.


There is no innovation without trust – trust in the quality of ideas and trust in the positive attitude and intelligence of those driving the innovation process.

PhD qualified academics and researchers work with new ideas every day. It is their job to think the new and then validate its solid foundations.

They could work with you or your team or teams to seed innovation – innovation that you can trust.


Briiij makes this possible. If you want to innovate, then connect with Academics and researchers worldwide on Briiij and seed for innovation.

The highest-quality knowledge on our planet should be available to everyone

Experts in global and local issues exist in thousands of universities across the world.
But are they accessible to the people who need their advice?

Businesses, Governments, NGOs, and Individuals in nearly 200 countries need advice about their own pressing questions, but the experts who could help them might be thousands of miles away from them.

Even in the 17 countries with the top 100 universities, the public and private sectors find it difficult to get advice from the leading thinkers and researchers in their field.

Briiij is the link between those Organizations who need advice and the Academics generating and teaching highly-esteemed knowledge, who could help them.


Breaking down barriers

Briiij wants the world to know. Academics the world over are right now constructing new concepts based upon solid epistemological foundations. This vast intellectual resource has been restricted from society at large. It can take years for Businesses, Governments, and NGOs to benefit from what has been discovered today. They often make do with ideas that have been rehashed and repackaged. Academics with a PhD bring you knowledge that is fresh, straight from the source, no matter where you are on this planet. You can seed your innovation teams with the latest ideas from the expert builders of new knowledge. Now there is a bridge to help you seed for innovation: go to Briiij.

Knowledge Manifesto

We believe that our highest-quality knowledge needs to be:

Accessible to all

Right now, putting a building in a research park next to a major university, or opening offices near a university campus, is the best way for a Business, Government Department, or NGO to get access to academic knowledge and expertise. However, why restrict yourself to a particular campus? Briiij will bring the world’s academics to you.

Transcendent of institutional constraints

Businesses, Governments, and NGOs need to have access to Academics the world over, and Academics need to have direct access to whomever they wish to work with – without necessarily having to deal with institutional bureaucracies.


The notion of fields of study or “disciplines” can limit how we think about possibilities for research and development. To answer your particular question, specific to your unique context, you might choose to draw upon knowledge from one or a variety of Academics. The development of a new textile for football shirts, for example, might need expertise from the areas of chemistry, physics, medicine, history, artificial intelligence, anthropology, sociology, and media. Think of Briiij as the most extensive and comprehensive Global University Research and Expertise resource.

Free to be validated across cultures and contexts

Knowledge is re-negotiated and more broadly validated as it is applied across discourse communities (cultures within and among countries) and specific contexts. Freeing knowledge by testing theories and methods more broadly will enable us to advance in our understanding of the world. When a business in Malawi develops its methods through working with an Academic in Singapore, the world benefits from what is confirmed and discovered.

Mobilized to inform the generation of solutions to the world’s needs

Academic expertise has been restricted to universities and institutes of higher education, with limited access to Businesses, Governments, or NGOs. The hundreds of thousands of pages of new academic research and theory published each year remain largely unread and unappreciated by society at large. In these pages are the potential seeds of innovation, and when academics work with outside organizations they can bring these seeds to grow the new processes, tools, and products needed to achieve current strategic directions.

An Organization’s presence in a university research park or attempts to work with academics via one or a small number of university administrations have provided limited solutions; these contacts do not necessarily ensure access to a wide variety of perspectives within an area of inquiry or among global cultures, and do not provide a vibrant interactive sandpit workspace where solutions can be pursued in a fast, reactive manner among members of an organization and academics.

Moreover, university administrations are often encumbered with regulations and at times put pressure upon the academic staff to work with outside organizations as part of their contractual and/or remunerative arrangements. This means that, under these conditions, when academics do work as consultants, they might not be expected to be motivated.

Briiij works to release academic expertise and Academics from institutional constraints and allows correct financial reward for its Academic advisors.

Constructive to humanity

Briiij will connect Academics with Businesses, Governments, and NGOs all over the planet. An agricultural cooperative in Somalia might find, via Briiij, that a food technology Academic in Berlin can bring them the best advice. We want you to solve the world’s issues – better – for the future of our planet.