Why well-informed group talk is a powerful contributor to innovation

How can we make the best-informed decisions? How can we ensure that our innovations are founded upon solid assumptions?

In order to develop our initiatives on a sound basis, they have to be informed by the latest research. Yet, while this is important, it’s not enough: we need to talk about what it is in that research that is most relevant to our project. And then we need to test those ideas and revise our assumptions – again, in the light of research and of experience. 

Most of all, we need to talk, and talk, and talk – continually airing our questions, ideas, and concepts, so that they can be socially validated by others whose experience we trust and, in this way, extended and developed. At the same time, we need to input research that is relevant to our new thinking. 

In continually discussing the importance of research findings to the development of our project, we are generating fresh, relevant perspectives, and we are challenging and expanding existing concepts. We are calling into question what we assume to be true, and identifying new assumptions that seem relevant but need to be tested. 

The greater the variety of informed opinions we include in our discussions, the richer the interrogation of existing assumptions, and the greater the generation of new perspectives relevant to our project. We are evolving toward outcomes that we may not have previously imagined…

So how can a project team engage in a continual dialogue with specialists who know about the latest research and the newest ideas in the field? 

Briiij offers a vibrant workspace “sandpit”, in which your team can communicate continually with carefully selected academic specialists – who are on call to reply to your questions, to discuss issues, and to inject research and fresh ways of thinking into the innovation process.

This way, your outcomes will be the best they can possibly be.

About the author

Bill has a PhD in Education in Autonomy/Empowerment and is on the casual teaching staff at Macquarie University in Sydney. He has been a partner in businesses focused on developing innovation in organizations since 2003.